Guiding Laws and Twitter.

In this post I would like to take a step back a moment and discuss some of the ways to use the Internet and it’s social media capabilities to increase web-presence.

Perhaps the most important consideration when entering the online community for commercial purposes is the effort to remain completely transparent and truthful. Most of the online-community shares a similar moral code that creates difficulties for those organizations that attempt to circumvent the “law of the people,” namely: stay truthful, remain transparent about goals, do not cause unnecessary harm or use unnecessary bandwidth, and no spam. Thus, any online marketing effort must take these into consideration while developing a strategy that will ultimately yield results.

However, what about in the socialsphere? How can one really effectively use social networking tools to enhance web-presence. Well – the first thing an organization, product, or artist can do, is create pages on social networking sites and link to them from the homepage. This is a very easy step that takes little to no effort. To attract “friends” reach out to some “opinion leaders” on social networking sites (more on this in previous post). The idea is to set up an online presence which is more than just a homepage. Anyone can set up a homepage – the idea is to get people to know about it and make part of their Internet routine. A word about routine: Think about when you go online. What do you do? Maybe your homepage is a news site, maybe it’s email, maybe it’s just a search engine. Regardless, think about the first things you do when you are just surfing around the net. Maybe you check your social networking site, maybe you go to eBay to see if there is something you could bid on, maybe craigslist to find listings you may interested in, maybe to digg to see what’s going on on the net. In my opinion, the idea behind a homepage is to become a part of users everyday experience, not to be the only portal to your presence. You need to draw users in using social networking then ensare their interest with a great homepage.

Besides the usual suspects like Facebook and Myspace, Twitter can be used as powerful tools to draw users to sites and increase presence.

Twitter is a site that allows users to post what they do all day in order to create communities surrounding interests and activities. For instance, if five people are twitting that they are going from New Brunswick to Metuchen everyday at 8:15 am – they could find each other and set up a carpool. While this is just one of the ways twitter can be used – it’s a good example of it’s functionality (check it out at Organizations can use twitter to post about what developments, socially conscious programming, volunteer support, etc. Artists can twitt (that’s what posts are called) about their artwork, albums, tour schedule, what they are doing from moment to moment. The idea is simple. Create a community around the organization/cause/artist(s)/anything else to increase web traffic to your site. If you get big enough – it could translate into a story in traditional mainstream media – thus creating a crossover success.

It takes a lot of effort and time to create communities online, however the payoff is great social presence and appearances in traditional media outlets.

For more info – check out this article about twitter –

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