Web 2.0; the final frontier?

Web 2.0. This is what we’ve been talking about. The beggining of the social networking revolution. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter…the creation of online personas and aliases. In web 2.0 we can be who we want to be – take interactive experience games like Second Life – create yourself the way you want to be seen. Web 2.0 has brought us so much – but whats the next step?

We’ve already seen the boom of social networking sites – now everyone has a homepage. We’ve already seen the power of viral marketing and viral video – how many people have not seen “Chocolate Rain” or “Star Wars Kid” or even “Sneezing Panda” or “Leave Britney Alone!” – there are sites dedicated to the newest viral videos – sites like todaysbigthing.com that highlights a video a day. In the wake of the viral-ness of the internet, we have seen major organizations try and get involved in viral marketing to target the younger demographic. Sprite had a “subliminal” campaign for “lymon” – explaining the lemon-lime taste of the drink. There are companies springing up that can guarantee “seed lists” of online influencers. The world has taken notice of the power of Web 2.0 – the social web – where content can be easily generated and published by users. But what lies just beyond the bend? Where will we be in five, ten, or fifteen years down the road?

The leaders of the internet revolution (google is one for example) predict that the next phase of our internet evolution (or Web 3.0) will give rise to applications that seamlessly connect and interact with other applications – regardless of origin. In addition – they predict machines having the ability to reason better – that artificial intelligence will improve.  Programs and applications will be open source – and there will be a World Wide Database. Web 3.0 has been compared to file sharing permissions. Web 1.0 was “read-only,” there was only the ability to veiw a web page – but not to interact with the content, Web 2.0 is “read-write,” there exists the ability to read the content on the page as well as with certain websties and platforms interact with the data on the screen as well as create new data. For instance – the blog I am writing right now is a great example of web 2.0. I am – on the web – creating content for the web. That is the essence of Web 2.0. Web 3.0 is compared to “read-write-execute” – applications will be able to run user generated code. Some believe that the web will transform into 3D spaces – much like second life. Where the web is accessed through 3 dimensional imagery. Actually – the television show “Futurama” predicts this for the future as well. In the episodes where they go on the internet, the characters don what looks like virtual reality goggles and fly through a city, and interacting just as one would in real life.  While the show is offering a parody of what they think the internet may become – the writers of the show may not be too far from the truth.

The internet has come a long way since the first simple websites – and we have not yet begun to see the possibilities it holds for the way we interact. We may – in the future – be in a social web outside the box.

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